From a very young age, I have been inspired by food, creating my own recipes and have always been passionate about connecting to people through food.


In my early twenties, I started my training to become a Naturopath.

Around that time I suffered from digestive issues and hormonal

imbalances which lead me to lose a lot of weight, feeling tired and having frequent mood swings. 


I was determined to heal so I started to practice whatever I had learned on my body. I began to understand that in order to feel my best I needed to heal not only my body but also my mind.


I became fascinated by the body in mind connection and was fully committed to my healing journey. 


After about a year I healed completely, I felt very empowered by the process and learned so much from it. 


By healing my body I knew I would be able to help others bring their bodies back to balance. 


With my work I am on a mission to make it easy for you to live a healthier, plant-based life and for it to be easy for you to integrate cleanses and clean eating into a busy lifestyle.

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